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One Drive, Share Point and Exchange applications

Office 365 has a multitude of amazing collaboration tools available at your fingertips. OneDrive, Sharepoint & Exchange makes sharing & sending files simple by linking together to create easy-to-use applications like Teams. Office 365 allows for the office apps to be on 5 devices at one-given time whilst still allowing for collaborative working on office documents. It also provides power BI analytics and power apps; all for the same monthly pricing without commitment. The best thing about all of this is they’re compatible with our back-up solutions so we can help you out every step of the way.

Like with any service provider it’s still better to keep your back-ups to hand as a precautionary because risking all of that data could mean risking your company. At Hardy Fisher we ensure that we integrate all of your Office 365 data to provide a fool-proof solution that will capture any email & file data retained within our cloud; along with all your other data. As with all of our services we also have a back-up facility available in Manchester to ensure no data is lost for any reason. Alongside our cloud solutions we also offer security, archiving & continuity throughout to avoid circumstances where data could be lost or breached in the first place through our managed services.

Benefits of Office 365

> Eliminates costs and potential damage of IT hardware

> Access to easy-to-use applications

> Run Office apps on up to 5 devices at once

> Remote and collaborative access to documents

> Advanced security features, including message encryption

> Compatible with our own back-up facility

> Full suite of BI data analytics

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