Are Managed Service Providers Right for Your Business?

Managed service providers (MSP) offer IT solutions for growing businesses and public sector organisations, to help them maintain performance during increased demand.

By combining IT infrastructure, software and staffing a Managed service provider can help your business thrive, by reducing the amount of time spent day to day on managing and upkeeping technology; leaving staff free to focus on core activity.

Is an MSP right for your organisation? Our latest #techtalk explores the key benefits of Managed Service Providers for your business…

1) Infrastructure that’s ‘Ready to Go’

Often, scripts are required to help cloud infrastructure meet security and compliances needs. This creates issues when working on individual installations (such as in a single office setting for example) as the amount of work and resource required for set up is disproportionate.

Managed service providers work over multiple clients, with scripts already developed and in place (with no need to develop ad-hoc) meaning your infrastructure can be up and running in a much shorter time frame.

2) Automation (Freeing up developer time)

Managed service providers can help minimize the time your developers spend on infrastructure and software by automating updates. This helps your team focus on more important, business-centric work.

4) A Proactive Approach

When IT systems fail it can be costly for businesses, in some cases it can affect the entire operation. Costs are particularly high when down time is extended, primarily through low staffing levels and an inability (perhaps technically) to solve any issues.

In most cases, on site hardware will require outside maintenance or fixing, meaning long waits when things do go wrong. With managed services this isn’t the case; onsite servicing means no downtime and a proactive approach to maintenance.

5) Bespoke Solutions

Managed services providers can work across a number of industries, working with projects of varying scale and complexity. This means they’re best placed to provide insight and advice on bespoke cloud solutions that will suit your business needs the best.

6) Only Use the Services Your Needs

Managed services cover all IT solutions, meaning your business can pick bespoke options to suit. By using a multi-service provider, it’s possible to weigh heavily on one IT service and less on another, meaning no wasted budget on unnecessary products or services.

7) Flexible Capacity

Flexibility within managed services means your business can upscale capacity during peak times, without having to cover extra IT capacity when it’s not required.

With a multi-service provider, it’s possible to choose when and by what volume your IT services are changed; a major benefit for businesses that experience peaks and troughs.

8) Easier Budgeting (No Unexpected Costs)

Another benefit of managed services and IT solutions means you can forward plan, making forecasting costs much easier. As capacity is pre-emptively calculated, there are generally fewer unexpected IT costs.

9) Adaptable, Future Proof Technology

The initial outlay for IT infrastructure can be expensive and susceptible to quickly dating. By using managed IT services, your business can benefit from adaptable technology, which develops over time, without continual outlay for hardware.

10) Better Value, Easier Growth

Making use of managed cloud services means your business can be part of a larger group of multi-service providers, meaning greater buying power. What does this mean for your business? Better value for money and increased potential savings should your business need increased capacity.

The Wrap Up

It is clear that MSPs can be the stepping stone for your business during periods of growth; offering quick, reliable and scalable solutions that can change dynamically to suit your needs.

Whilst it can sometimes be misunderstood as a costly option, the reality is that managed services can be tailored to match requirements and budget, combined with the fact that they are often able to deliver set up on a much more economical scale; makes an MSP a logical choice for most businesses.

If you’re considering working with an MSP, see how FirstNet Data Centres can help; leaving your team free to focus on your business.

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