Dedicated Servers

Secure and flexible server solutions for your business

Flexible Server Solutions That Grow With Your Business

Full control and customisation, with unrivalled service and expertise

At Hardy Fisher we offer a wide range of server solutions to suit your specific requirements and needs; dedicated to you.

Our customer service team are experts in their field and can help you to discover what those needs are; even if you’re unsure. If you’re happy with our solution our highly skilled team of engineers can get everything set it up that same day. With technical guidance & proven solutions to hand you can be rest assured that your migration process will be reliable and set you up for future-proof data networking.

Hardy Fisher servers give you full control of your services & the flexibility to grow without the costly expenses of new equipment & maintenance fees. Our services are fully customisable and can be increased within just 24 hours; from bandwidth to cloud space or power.

24/7 Data Centre Security

24/7 Security

If security is your main priority you can have peace of mind that our data centres are supervised on-site 24/7 with regulated entry, camera surveillance & data encryption all a part of our wide range of services.

400+ Computer Racks

Scalable and Flexible

With a capacity of over 400 cabinets and 80 desks, maintained by N+1 cooling and humidity control, our solutions are backed by award winning onsite Managed Services and flexible Cloud technology.

Flexible Server Solutions

Tailored rack options

At Hardy Fisher we strive to help you improve which is why our colocation facilities offer the options to grow with quarter, half and full racks; offering you the flexibility to grow without going over budget.

Hardy Fisher Server features

Application Centric Infrastructure from Cisco.

Cisco's Nexus ACI solution provides advanced security, analytics and network segmentation for state-of-the-art protection and safety.

Connectivity resilience.

A highly available pair of leaf switches provides cross-meshed connectivity (A&B streams) to each rack.

Each leaf switch is cross meshed to the spine switches which are also configure to be Highly Available.

Border leaf switches are connected to the rest of the network with a Layer 3 outside configuration providing dedicated or shared L3 routed connections to the tenants present in the fabric.

100% scheduled uptime.

We commit to a 99.99% scheduled uptime SLA based on Hardy Fisher's solution, backed by a fully redundant software-defined network powered by Cisco ACI.

Business continuity.

In the event of failure at the primary data centre, your service can continue from our Manchester-based facility.

Industry Leading Technology Supporting International Brands

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