What Does Hyperconverged Infrastructure Really Mean?

What Does Hyperconverged Infrastructure Really Mean?

Hyperconverged infrastructure or HCI combines software architecture with computing, network and storage components, under a single pane of glass. In simple words, you can manage your cluster, as one, through the hyperconverged platform. HCI gives you the flexibility to scale up and scale out on demand, quickly and efficiently. There are many types of organisations with different IT needs and it is important to determine whether those needs align with HCI technology.

How flexible does your scalability need to be?

Having a holistic view over the entire platform, allows the IT admin to recognise when the system needs to be scaled. Previously, trending and forecasting was always a difficult task; this is now being made simple with Artificial Intelligence as part of our HCI platform.

Is your data regulated in any way?

Our HCI platform is security hardened in design during the development process, this ensures our platform complies with a number of the highest security standards, such as EAL2, FIPS-140-2, NIST-SP800-131A, RSA 2048, EC DSA-256, EC DSA-384, Section 508VPAT etc.

Does your IT department have experts in SAN, LAN, and Hypervisors?

Typically, IT departments employ a number of expensive experts to manage a multitude of technologies supporting the traditional 3-tier stack (Compute, Network and Storage). Utilising HCI, organisations remove the complexity and expense of multi-technology solutions, whilst providing simplicity and scale.

Do you have a business continuity plan in place?

Our HCI platform provides a one-click Disaster Recovery solution to the main public cloud hyperscalers, or to a remote site of your choice.
This provides Enterprise-class DR inherent within the HCI software fabric.

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