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Highly secure, scalable and resilient Leeds based data centre

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Located near the Leeds city centre, our purpose-built Data Centre provides advanced, flexible and compliant infrastructure to protect your IT environment. With a combination of technology, support and security resources, our Colocation and Migration services include enhanced physical security, on-site Disaster Recovery, Managed IT and 24/7 Help Desk support.

Your IT infrastructure powered, connected and secured by Firstnet

Firstnet offers a future-proof Colocation and Migration solutions for organisations of all sizes. As a part of our Colocation process, we utilise a second data centre, based in Manchester, to ensure that in the event of failure customers' environments are active and fully accessible.

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Firstnet Data Centres Cornelius House

11000 sq ft Data Centre with capacity of over 400 racks

With a capacity of over 400 cabinets and 80 desks, maintained by N+1 cooling and humidity control, our solutions are backed by award winning onsite Managed Services and flexible Cloud technology.

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Firstnet's Data Centre utilises a single 11 kV power supply with capacity for 3.5 MVA. Powered by N+1 6.3 MVA continuous standby generator with 72 hours of diesel storage, our Colocation facility accommodates over 400 cabinets at 1,440 kW with option to upgrade to 2,160 kW

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N+1 fresh air make-up pressurisation with close humidity controls to technical spaces optimises the performance of the server equipment.

Cabinets are cooled via chilled water down flow units (CRACs) configured for N+1.

Firstnet Datacentres colocation features

Application Centric Infrastructure from Cisco.

Cisco's Nexus ACI solution provides advanced security, analytics and network segmentation for state-of-the-art protection and safety.

Connectivity resilience.

A highly available pair of leaf switches provides cross-meshed connectivity (A&B streams) to each rack.

Each leaf switch is cross meshed to the spine switches which are also configure to be Highly Available.

Border leaf switches are connected to the rest of the network with a Layer 3 outside configuration providing dedicated or shared L3 routed connections to the tenants present in the fabric.

100% scheduled uptime.

We commit to a 99.99% scheduled uptime SLA based on Firstnet's Colocation solution, backed by a fully redundant software-defined network powered by Cisco ACI.

Business continuity.

In the event of failure at the primary data centre, your service can continue from our Manchester-based facility.

Industry Leading Technology Supporting International Brands

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Firstnet Data Colocation Client AWS
Firstnet Data Colocation Client Watchguard
Firstnet Data Colocation Client Cisco
Firstnet Data Colocation Client VMWare

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