Whether you need a single rack space, dedicated comms, next level connection.

In our secure exclusive Data Centre Suites, we have you covered.


Deploy Mission Critical 

Leverage the power of mission-critical data center capacity at the intersection of your clouds, backbone, digital ecosystems, and edge.

Unleash your digital advantage with the foundation of a cutting-edge IT architecture.

Data Centre Imagery
DC Close Up Rack

Scale Your Network

Expand Your Network

Establish hubs in strategic locations where traffic flows seamlessly, right alongside a wide network of partners and providers.

Enjoy the fastest connections with minimal delays and the highest capacity for your network.


Here’s all the good stuff

Hybrid Infrastructure

We can assist you combining your colocation with cloud or on premise, to ensure your resilient, scalable and protected.

Next Generation

Next Generation Tier 3 data centre located on primary connection routes.

Future Proof Architecture

Rely on our extensive expertise cultivated over decades at the core of cutting-edge enterprise IT architectures.

The Right Environment

Embracing advanced environmental controls, including temperature and humidity regulation, to ensure optimal conditions for hardware and equipment.